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Museum and exhibition - currently edited projects

Romans in Boppard (opened 2020, January 19)

After the establishment of the new permanent exhibition in the City-Museum of Boppard, AHB worked on the second construction phase "Romans in Boppard". It is housed in the former Roman fortress wall.

The task was to make a selection from a variety of thematic objects that tell the story of the Romans in the city and the region. This was followed by the creation of the concept, the drafting of the texts and the coordination of all involved trades from design to graphics, audio-guide and layout to the fitting of the showcases.

Hiking in Legelbach-valley

The app takes the hikers to places where the raftsman Johann König worked in the 19th century. There are three selected trails and each one leads the hikers to ponds, canals, slides and plunge pools. At a total of 15 locations, Johann König explains the function of the element and its work.

AHB researched the historical content, wrote the screenplay, took over the casting and the selection of the spokeswoman and the speaker and directed the recordings.

Rockenhausen Regional Museum

After creating the frame-concept and further developing it into a fine-concept and script, AHB is tasked with accompanying and coordinating the implementation until completition and opening of the museum.
(Cooperation project with A. Vinnen, cultural scientist, Frankfurt/Main)