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Archival researches - currently edited projects

Hesse Synagogue Book

The Hesse Synagogue Book is a project supported jointly by the Commission for the History of the Jews in Hesse and the State Office for the Preservation of Monuments in Hesse. The aim is to research, document and present in lexical form all the synagogue sites that have come to light in Hesse. The publication online in the portal LAGIS is being prepared. AHB is tasked with researching and writing texts for the synagogues in various counties.

Letters from the Hessian counts

Until the mid-19th century, in Stockstadt/Rhein stood a stately warehouse, of which nothing is preserved today. The evaluation of the private correspondence between the counts Georg I of Hesse in Darmstadt and his brother Wilhelm IV in Kassel from the second half of the 16th century provided information about the year of construction, function and construction. According to this, this building was used for a provisional storage of salt, wine and other goods before being transported to Kassel.

Jewish families in Wiesbaden

The first volume of the Wiesbaden Jewish Family book, published in 2017, contains the inhabitants of the two former rural communities, Breckenheim and Delkenheim. It is the first step towards a comprehensive genealogical evaluation of a multitude of historical sources, which was compiled by a volunteer team of the Paul Lazarus Collection and Spiegelgasse Active Museum. The evaluation also included the database of Jewish citizens drafted by the Wiesbaden city archive.

The timeframe begins with the introduction of systematic sources about 1820. Through the evaluation of other source categories, the period could be extended in individual cases until the beginning of the 18th century.