Dr. Wolfgang Fritzsche

Studies in Cultural Anthropology, Ethnology and Social Geography in Mainz.

Thesis: "House Building and Authoritarian Behavior in Nassau: 1465 - 1866". Ph.D. completed in 1996.

Engaged in freelance work thereafter. Founding member of the "Federal Association of Freelance Cultural Anthropologists." Lecturer at the University of Mainz and the Technical College of Wiesbaden on "Archival research," "Clay architecture" and "Rural buildings".

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Heike Beckmann

Training as a graphic designer.

Studies in Cultural Anthropology, Pre- and Early history and Art History in Mainz.

Distance learning as IT manager for new media / project planning and design, with an additional qualification as a teletutor.

Training as a fundraising manager at the Fundraising-Akademie Frankfurt.

Work in the fields of public relations, project development and support, image and text editing, editing, layout, web and graphic design as well as consulting.

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  • Transcription of old German handwriting into readable computer fonts or Roman script
  • Archive research
  • Genealogy
  • History of the Jewish community in Wiesbaden
  • Conception and creating of exhibitions
  • Folkloristic studies, such as small postwar communities in the Rhineland-Palatinate
  • Training of museum volunteers
  • Anniversary brochures and chronicles
  • Inventories
  • Lectures

Original quotations from my clients

  Brilliant! Wolfgang, you have been just wonderful through all of this. Professional and helpful. So appreciated!

 Wolfgang, I must thank you for posting Jewish name adoption lists online. Your labor has born much fruit for me. Thank you! I am beyond happy. I have just received now the long desired marriage record of my great great-grandparents. It is your website that made the difference, and those who made their contributions to it.

  Wolfgang is an amazing researcher and my family can’t believe how much I found out with his help!! We now have a much fuller understanding of what happened to our family members through the Holocaust as so much knowledge was lost. So many questions have been answered and brought closure to our family. Well worth the time working with Wolfgang. His expert knowledge of German handwriting was an additional blessing as we sorted through many documents and I felt like I learned some German history as well.

  Wolfgang Fritzsche is a masterful historian and guide who made our visit to Germany in search of our family's history a triumphant success. He was able to show us the way to material that, for generations, our family has tried and failed to find. In addition, he is excellent company, knowledgeable and companionable. We thoroughly enjoyed our time with him.

  We have just come back from a fantastic visit to Wiesbaden organized by Wolfgang – a true professional.
He offered to meet us at the train station and had planned a full day covering a visit to the archives to see family documents from the 1800’s which he had already requested and were out on the desk when we arrived. He is skilled in reading and translating old handwritten German and with his help we were soon on top of the essence of the, to us, unreadable documents.
This was followed by a visit to the Jewish cemetery and the Active Museum. We just squeezed in lunch before being taken on a tour of Wiesbaden to see the memorial exhibition in the Town Hall, the new memorial on the site of the former synagogue and also the street where my ancestor had lived.

  We were joined by volunteers at the museum and were also particularly impressed by their dedication to the task of bringing to public notice the legacy of German Jews.
We highly recommend Wolfgang as researcher and guide.

  I applaud Wolfgang for his meticulously thorough response to my genealogical query! He immediately understood what information I was seeking and responded directly to each and every question I posed. His wealth of experience in genealogical research and his ability to communicate easily in English give me complete confidence that I now have completed my German family tree accurately with all available historical data. PLUS, he has a wonderful sense of humor!
Thank you, Wolfgang!

  Wolfgang provided me not only with dates, but also with interesting details, e.g., who would have guessed that my great-great-grandfather taught dancing in the old country? Further, he provided wise counsel, advising me, for example, when a search would be too costly and/or unlikely to yield results. Even more, he provided insight and perspective, pointing out historical background information. Wolfgang's work was prompt, thorough, and perfect. On a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the highest, Wolfgang rates a 20.

  ... your work is great, you did excellent research for us ...

  My fifteen-year-old daughter and I embarked on a family research tour of ancestral towns and cemeteries. Wolfgang organized everything so well. We were able to get a lot accomplished in very little time because he had everything coordinated properly. From getting the keys to the cemeteries to making sure we had the correct directions, Wolfgang orchestrated our trip to perfection. He was also able to help us with much-needed translations. The trip would not have been as successful as it was without Wolfgang's help. I hope to return soon and hope Wolfgang will be available again!

  The results of the research have made me sleepless and speechless! Sleepless - due to the excitement in discovering many new family members, and speechless - due to the astonishing results unearthed from archival material.

  As a descendant of survivors of the Holocaust, I have watched the cautious trepidation in the eyes of my family each time I suggested that we research our German Jewish roots. Aside from the horrors suffered, it was perhaps fear in receiving confirmation that all had indeed been lost, that elicited the negative response each time the suggestion came up. Now that these members of the family are long gone, and I have the results of Dr. Fritzsche´s research, I can only wish that these Family members were around to enjoy these interesting relations that, in our case, date back to the late 1700s. Dr. Fritzsche´s work is professionalism at its best! He meticulously researches each clue from pertinent archival matter and with his expertise in history is able to confirm and reconfirm data from other archives. The results are outstanding indeed. Clotilde Wimmer, Bavaria, Germany, October 2006.

  I am thrilled at this report and your excellent work. Thank you soooooo much!!!! I was so excited to get your email. You have done a wonderful job! How great to finally get the information I've been seeking for so many years. You can't imagine how happy you've made me.

  I am absolutely impressed by the fantastic research you have done. Very nice work, Wolfgang, I am so grateful for it.

  WOW! Thank you for your incredible work! I don't know why I had assumed that if the Mormons had filmed in that area, that they had filmed all the records which existed.

  Wonderful news, thank you very much.

  What great news. ... You've done a great job. Thanks so much.

  Ouah! This is a lot of info. Thank you so much for the good work, this is unbelievable. You are just great.

  ... a good researcher who is honest and conscientious and a good communicator for the Rheinland-Pfalz and Hessia area ...

  Many many thanks for tracking down her death certificate. I have been trying to find it for six years!!

  I am quite thrilled with what he found.