Name adoption list of Marbach, 1809

Quelle: GLA Karlsruhe, Best. 239, No. 447. Thanks to Stefan Jamin who transcribed and sent this list.
No.Old family-nameOld given name New family-nameGiven nameAgeRemark
   BernheimHerz4 1/2 
2WolfJoseph ManassesManasses WolfJoseph58 
   Manasses WolfJosua19 
   Manasses WolfSamuel6 
   Manasses WolfRachel22 
   Manasses WolfJachet12 
   Manasses WolfBrändle11 
3WolfJakob JonasJonas WolfJakob59 
   Jonas WolfVögele16 
4MannesSeligmannSeeligmann 69 
5WolfJoseph SeligmannSeeligmann WolfJoseph44 
   Seeligmann WolfHerz10 1/2 
   Seeligmann WolfHaime6 
   Seeligmann WolfVögele12 
   Seeligmann WolfZierle5 
   Seeligmann WolfJachet1 1/2 
6SeeligmannManassesManasses Seeligmann 36 
   Manasses SeeligmannJoseph5 
   Manasses SeeligmannFayele2 
7GumpBenediktGump Benedikt40 
   GumpEphraim1 1/2 
8WolfMarum LazarusLazarus WolfMarum43 
   Lazarus WolfWolf1 1/2 
   Lazarus WolfEster11 
   Lazarus WolfSara8 
   Lazarus WolfDaichele4 
9WolfElias JonasElias Wolf 57 
   Elias WolfSamuel13 
   Elias WolfVögele17 
10WolfBernhardBernard Wolf 84 
   Bernard WolfSchmaye28 
   Bernard WolfDaniel22 
   Bernard WolfSprinz25 
   Bernard WolfEster20 
11HirschAlexander MarxAlexander Hirsch 70 
   Alexander HirschIsak32absent, but unknown where
   Alexander HirschGüttele24 
   BernardLazarus6illegitimate son of Güttele
13MayerIsakIsak Mayer 41 
   Mayer IsakBenzian9 
   Mayer IsakFerede(?)4 
14WolfMayer JonasJonas WolfMayer45 
   Jonas WolfMarian7 
15SalomonAbrahamSalomon 32changed later to Ortlieb as familiy name and Abraham as given name
16SalomonLeviSalomon 44changed later to Ortlieb as familiy name and Levi as given name
17BikartEliasElias BikartElias50 
   Elias BikartSalomon15 
   Elias BikartSchönle13 
   Elias BikartLifge12 
   Elias BikartSara11 
   Elias BikartKaila8 
   Elias BikartDolzele6 
   Elias BikartRachel5 
   Elias BikartJachetle4 
18HirschMayer AlexanderAlexander Hirsch 29 
21WolfAbrahamWolfAbraham50son of Daniel
25JakobAbrahamJakobAbraham40son of Koppel, took later the family name Koppel
   JakobLeopold8took later the family name Koppel
   JakobVeisel5took later the family name Koppel
   JakobIsak1 1/2took later the family name Koppel
   JakobElla15took later the family name Koppel
   JakobGittele9took later the family name Koppel
   JakobJachet4took later the family name Koppel
26JakobDanielDaniel JakobDaniel34son of Koppel, took later the family name Koppel
   Daniel JakobAbraham6took later the family name Koppel
   Daniel JakobVradel4took later the family name Koppel
   Daniel JakobJachet3took later the family name Koppel
   Daniel JakobGittel1took later the family name Koppel
27WolfAbrahamAbraham Wolf  son of Salomon 
28   Reis70widow of Abraham Wolf
29   Sprinz72widow von Joseph Wolf
   WolfKori1illegitimate son of Mähr
30    80widow of Shuli Salomon, took the name Ortlieb
    Dutzend34took the name Ortlieb
    Hefele14illegitimate daughter of Dutzend, took the name Ortlieb
31   Judith32widow of Leopold Wolf
32  BikartJakob34unmarried
33  WolfJoseph34unmarried
34  WolfElias25son of Sandel, unmarried 
35  WolfJoseph36son of Sandel, unmarried 
36  WolfSalomon26son of Lazarus
37SalomonWolfSalomonWolf31from Worblingen to Wangen, protected for a lot of years
   SeeligmannVögele26from Wangen
38  BikartIsak58