Name adoption list of Lörrach, 1809

Quelle: GLA Karlsruhe, Best. 239, No. 447. Thanks to Stefan Jamin who transcribed and sent this list.
Town Old name Old given name New name New given name Age Remark
Lörrach Bernheim Meier Bernheim Meier 30  
Lörrach       Sara 25 spouse
Lörrach       Isak 2 son
Lörrach       Moses 1/4 son
Lörrach     Bernheim   50 widow of Isak Bernheim
Lörrach       Breina 10 daughter
Lörrach       Nentel 9 daughter
Lörrach       Clara 7 daughter
Lörrach Bloch Leopold the great Dormacher Leopold the great 54 brother of Philipp and Esaias Bloch
Lörrach     Levy Judith 53 son
Lörrach       Wolf 29 son
Lörrach       Elias 27 son
Lörrach       Jakob 24 son
Lörrach       Esaias 29 son
Lörrach       Lehmann 17 son
Lörrach       Isak 12 son
Lörrach       Moses 8 son
Lörrach       Jenda 31 daughter
Lörrach       Ester 22 daughter
Lörrach       Hemlil 7 1/2 daughter
Lörrach Bloch Philipp Dormacher Philipp 35 brother of Leopold and Esaias Bloch
Lörrach Bloch Esaias Dormacher Esaias 45 brother of Leopold and Philipp Bloch
Lörrach       Bail 30 spouse
Lörrach       Simon 1 1/2 son
Lörrach Bloch Nathan Wail Nathan 45 brother of Leopold Wail
Lörrach     Seigerin Sara 37 spouse
Lörrach       Isak 14 son
Lörrach       Joseph 6 son
Lörrach       David 1 son
Lörrach       Beselein 15 daughter
Lörrach       Haia 3 daughter
Lörrach Bloch Leopold der kleine Wail Leopold der kleine 50 brother of Nathan Wail
Lörrach       Rosina 32 spouse
Lörrach       Isak 26 son
Lörrach       Jakob 24 son
Lörrach       Salomon 17 son
Lörrach       Aaron 9 son
Lörrach       Lazarus 1/2 son
Lörrach       Ester 20 daughter
Lörrach       Sara 16 daughter
Lörrach       Maka 5 daughter
Lörrach       Fogel 3 daughter
Lörrach Blum Leopold Blum Leopold 36  
Lörrach     Reutlinger Sara 30 spouse
Lörrach       Nathan 3 son
Lörrach       Gerson 1/4 son
Lörrach       Fogel 9 daughter
Lörrach       Rachel 6 daughter
Lörrach       Hana 5 daughter
Lörrach Braunschweig Meier Braun Meier 71  
Lörrach     Brayerin Merle 50 spouse
Theuringen       Salomon 44 married, son
Breisach       N. N.   married, son
Lörrach       Blümle 16 daughter
Lörrach Braunschweig Alt Lehmann Beck Alt Lehmann 72  
Lörrach     Levy Judith 74 spouse
Lörrach       Marx 40 son
Lörrach       Samuel 34 son
Lörrach       Nathan 33 son
Lörrach       Hindel 38 daughter
Lörrach       Galla 36 daughter
Lörrach Braunschweig Marx Beck Marx 40 son of Alt Lehmann Beck
Lörrach     Kahn Mariana 32 spouse
Lörrach     Levi Salomon 5 1/2(?) stepson
Lörrach       Selmin 8 daughter
Lörrach       Schena 5 daughter
Lörrach       Sara 2 daughter
Lörrach Braunschweig Wolf Keller Wolf 67  
Lörrach       Hinla 50 spouse
Lörrach       Lazarus 33 son
Lörrach       Meier 28 son
Lörrach       Lehmann 15 son
Lörrach       Gella 21 daughter
Lörrach       Rachel 18 daughter
Lörrach Braunschweig Esaias Graf Esaias 80  
Lörrach       Johanna 74 spouse
Lörrach       Lehmann 40 son
Lörrach       Lazarus 30 son
Lörrach       Rosa 32 daughter
Lörrach       Gella 29 daughter
Lörrach       Kölla 25 daughter
Lörrach Braunschweig Lehmann Graf Lehmann 40 son of Esaias Graf
Lörrach     Levy Rosa 30 spouse
Lörrach       Sara 9 daughter
Lörrach       Hendle 6 daughter
Lörrach       Judith 1 daughter
Lörrach Dukas Isak Wildstädter Isak 36  
Lörrach       Rebekka 30 spouse
Lörrach       Abraham 1/4 son
Lörrach Feiß Lehmann Meier Lehmann 31  
Lörrach     Levy Sara 25 spouse
Lörrach       Lehmann 3 son
Lörrach       Schena 2 daughter
Lörrach Grumbach Seligmann Grumbach Seligmann 57  
Lörrach       Zier 25 spouse
Lörrach       Emanuel 10 son
Lörrach       Leopold 3 son
Lörrach Kahn Lehmann Katz Lehmann 31  
Lörrach     Levy Besila 38 spouse
Lörrach       Haia Lea 1 1/2 daughter
Lörrach Levi Wolf Lei Wolf 36  
Lörrach       Franziska 32 spouse
Lörrach       Julius 3 son
Lörrach       Rachel 7 daughter
Lörrach       Jendil 6 daughter
Lörrach Levi Götz Neder Götz 65  
Lörrach       Zußana 60 spouse
Lörrach       Lea 20 daughter
Lörrach       Sophia 18 daughter
Lörrach Reutlinger Esaias Reutlinger Esaias 67 1/2  
Lörrach       Judith 50 spouse
Lörrach       Nathan 38 son
Lörrach       Sara 30 daughter
Lörrach       Janette 20 daughter
Lörrach       Susette 19 daughter
Lörrach       Hanna 15 daughter
Lörrach       Gella 13 daughter
Lörrach Reutlinger Nathan Reutlinger Nathan 39 son of Esaias Reutlinger
Lörrach     Seigerin Fogel 34 spouse
Lörrach       Gerson 13 son
Lörrach       Salomon 17 son
Lörrach       Lazarus 7 son
Lörrach       Abraham 1/4 son
Lörrach       Rachel 10 daughter
Lörrach       Beselein 9 daughter
Lörrach       Taubelein 5 daughter
Kirchen Bloch Salomon the elder Kirchheimer Salomon 64  
Kirchen     Hersch Johanna 60 spouse
Kirchen       Herz 30 son
Kirchen       Hirsch 28 son
Kirchen       David 22 son
Kirchen       Maria Anna 28 daughter
Kirchen       Blümle 26 daughter
Kirchen       Rosine 22 daughter
Kirchen       Jachtele 20 daughter
Kirchen Bloch Salomon the younger/Lazarus Dreher Salomon/Lazarus 46 son of Salomon Bloch the elder
Kirchen       Isak 15 son
Kirchen       Meier 8 son
Kirchen       David 4 son
Kirchen       Judith 6 daughter
Kirchen Bloch Heimann Geißmann Heimann 32 brother of Menke Geißmann
Kirchen     Levy Beilen 19 spouse
Kirchen Bloch Menke Geißmann Menke   brother of Heimann Geißmann
Kirchen Bloch Salomon der kleine Kaufmann Salomon 51  
Kirchen     Levi Beilen 46 spouse
Kirchen       Elias 12 son
Kirchen Bloch Herz Mock Herz 20  
Kirchen     Levi Gevat 23  
Kirchen     Mock Maria Anna 46 mother of Herz Mak, widow of Alexander Bloch
Kirchen       Herz   son
Kirchen       Elias 19 son
Kirchen       Leopold 15 son
Kirchen       Esaias 17 son
Kirchen       Julius 6 son
Kirchen       Anna 22 daughter
Kirchen       Röse 20 daughter
Kirchen       Esther 10 daughter
Kirchen       Sara 6 daughter
Kirchen Bloch Leopold Dietesheimer Leopold 34 son of Leopold Dietesheimer
Kirchen     Heilbronnerin Agatha 30 spouse
Kirchen       Vögele 2 1/2 daughter
Kirchen       Mündele 1/2 daughter
Kirchen Bloch Julius Dietesheimer Julius 65 father of Leopold Dietesheimer
Kirchen     Genzburgerin Maria Anna 62 spouse
Kirchen       Minden 30 daughter
Kirchen       Bräunelin 20 daughter
Kirchen Braunschweig Marx Wolf Marx 46  
Kirchen     Heimann Vögelin 41 spouse
Kirchen       Nathan 8 son
Kirchen       Jakob 5 son
Kirchen       Häntle 12 daughter
Kirchen       Magdalena 11 daughter
Kirchen       Judith 7 daughter
Kirchen       Schöne 4 daughter
Kirchen       Keilen 3/4 daughter
Kirchen Levi Meier Schlosser Meier 48  
Kirchen     Dreifuß Vögelin 45 spouse
Kirchen       Moses 20 son
Kirchen       Genentele 13 1/2 daughter
Kirchen       Jentele 10 daughter
Kirchen     Schumacher Judith 62 widow of Samuel Moses
Kirchen       Samuel 33 son
Kirchen       Leopold 40 son
Kirchen Ruf Samuel Ruf Samuel 62  
Kirchen     Ullmann Veronez 60 spouse
Kirchen       David 26 son
Fischingen Moses Seligmann Schumacher Seligmann 43 son of Judith, shoemaker in Kirchen
Fischingen     Heumann Rebeka 38 spouse
Fischingen       Selig 10 son
Fischingen       Samuel 8 son
Fischingen       Abraham 6 son
Fischingen       Krischona 4 daughter
Tumringen Braunschweig Salomon Braun Salomon 44  
Tumringen     Bikartin Bessel 41 spouse
Tumringen       Marx 12 son
Tumringen       Hirsch 9 son
Tumringen       Aaron 6 son
Tumringen       Reitz 10 daughter
Tumringen       Ester 5 daughter