Name adoption list of Ems, 1841

Thanks to Inge Steul, Lich, who copied the list from Churchbook Lich, Marienstiftsgemeinde.
No. Old name  Familyname New given name New familyname
1 Meyer Seligmann Meyer Ehrenthal
2 Moses Levi Moses  Levi
3 Benjamin Heimann Benjamin Trier
4 Abraham Mordge Abraham Bernstein
5 Baer Mordge Baer Bernstein
6 Israel Salomon Israel Blumenberg
7 Isack Hirsch Isack Morgenthal
8 Liebmann Loeb Liebmann Löwenstein
9 Seligmann Leopold Seligmann Löwenstein
10 Lazarus Isack Lazarus Thalheim
11 Salomon Isack Salomon Thalheim
12 Jacob Wolf Jacob Wolfgang
13 Samuel Leopold Samuel Löwenstein
14 Joseph Kirchberger Joseph Kichberger
15 Isack Laubenheimer Isack Laubenheimer
16 Jacob Laubenheimer widow Jacob Laubenheimer Widow