Name adoption list of Emden, 1812

Thanks to Engbert Schut who found that list at Leo Baeck Institute (New York): AR 7048, The Max Markreich Collection, Series IV.
First name Patronym Aditional name New first name New family name Age/year of birth  Remark
Calmer Jacobs   Jacques de Calmer 1753* Son of Lew Jacobs Calmer and Hendelina Benjamins
Aleida Marcus       39 Spouse of Jacques de Calmer, daughter of Barend Marcus and Jeanne Philips, born in Zwolle
Jacob Calmer     de Calmer 19 Child of Calmer Jacobs
Copman Calmer   Charles de Calmer 17 Child of Calmer Jacobs
Hendelina Calmer     de Calmer 15 Child of Calmer Jacobs
Jeanne Calmer     de Calmer 12 Child of Calmer Jacobs
Philippe Calmer     de Calmer 8 Child of Calmer Jacobs
Joseph Calmer     de Calmer 5 Child of Calmer Jacobs
Altje Calmer     de Calmer 3 Child of Calmer Jacobs
Marianna Calmer     de Calmer 1 Child of Calmer Jacobs
Gossel Arends Levy Abraham Goldschmid 1761  
Israel       Goldschmid 15 Child of Abraham Goldschmid
Jette       Goldschmid 12 Child of Abraham Goldschmid
Philip       Goldschmid 10 Child of Abraham Goldschmid
Clara       Goldschmid 8 Child of Abraham Goldschmid
Lea       Goldschmid 5 Child of Abraham Goldschmid
Levy       Goldschmid 3 Child of Abraham Goldschmid
Anna       Goldschmid 1 Child of Abraham Goldschmid
Nathan Jacobs Levy Nathan Jacob van der Linde 75 Widower of the 1810 deceased Menkel Michels
Isaac Philips   Isaac Philipson 39  
Hertha Moses         Spouse of Isaac Philipson
Moses     Moses Isaac Philipson 16 Child of Isaac Philipson
Lipman     Philip Isaac Philipson 10 Child of Isaac Philipson
Wulf Samuels Benjamin Benjamin Samuel Post 42  
Bele Josephs         Spouse of  Benjamin Samuel Post, daughter of Joseph Salomons
Rosette       Post   Child of Benjamin Samuel Post
Heymann Abrahams Levy Heymann Abraham Meyberg 37  
Marianne       Meyberg   Child of Heymann Abraham Meyberg
Moses Heymanns     Meyberg 12 Child of Heymann Abraham Meyberg
Hartog Heymanns     Meyberg 11 Child of Heymann Abraham Meyberg
Volina Heymanns     Meyberg 10 Child of Heymann Abraham Meyberg
Jacob Heymanns     Meyberg 7 Child of Heymann Abraham Meyberg
Erline       Meyberg 4 Child of Heymann Abraham Meyberg
Friederike       Meyberg ½ Child of Heymann Abraham Meyberg
Josua Salomons Lazarus Levy Josua Salomon Weinthal 25  
Friederike       Weinthal 22 Sister of Josua Salomon Weinthal, married to Jacob Josephs in Wittmund
Lazarus       Weinthal 20 Brother of Josua Salomon Weinthal
Levy       Weinthal 18 Brother of Josua Salomon Weinthal
Kiwa       Weinthal 16 Brother of Josua Salomon Weinthal
Joseph       Weinthal 14 Brother of Josua Salomon Weinthal
Benjamin       Weinthal 10 Brother of Josua Salomon Weinthal
Henriette       Weinthal 12 Sister of Josua Salomon Weinthal
Salomon Lazarus Levy   Weinthal   Father of Josua Salomon Weinthal
Simon Josephs Salomon Simon Joseph Nordheimer 49  
Rebecka   van Emden       Spouse of  Simon Joseph Nordheimer
Elieser Simons     Nordheimer 18 Child of Simon Joseph Nordheimer
Salomon Simons     Nordheimer 16 Child of Simon Joseph Nordheimer
Henriette       Nordheimer 11 Child of Simon Joseph Nordheimer
Joseph Simons     Nordheimer 9 Child of Simon Joseph Nordheimer
Rahel       Nordheimer 7 Child of Simon Joseph Nordheimer
Benjamin Lazarus Levy   Weinthal 57 Teacher
Wulff Abrahams   Benjamin Abraham van der Walde 81  
Abraham       van der Walde 47 Child of Benjamin Abraham van der Walde
Magnus       van der Walde 45 Child of Benjamin Abraham van der Walde
Sara       van der Walde 40 Child of Benjamin Abraham van der Walde, married to Mozes Abrahams Levy in Norden
Joseph       van der Walde 38 Child of Benjamin Abraham van der Walde
Sibilla       van der Walde 27 Child of Benjamin Abraham van der Walde, married to Jochem Philips in Emden
Aron       van der Walde   Child of Abraham van der Walde
Rebecca       van der Walde   Child of Abraham van der Walde
Sibilla       van der Walde   Child of Abraham van der Walde
Portia       van der Walde   Child of Abraham van der Walde
Rebecka       van der Walde   Child of Abraham van der Walde
Esther       van der Walde   Child of Abraham van der Walde
Simon       van der Walde   Child of Magnus van der Walde
Abraham       van der Walde   Child of Magnus van der Walde
Isaac       van der Walde   Child of Magnus van der Walde
Jacob       van der Walde   Child of Magnus van der Walde
Moses       van der Walde   Child of Magnus van der Walde
Rebecca       van der Walde   Child of Magnus van der Walde
Abraham       van der Walde   Child of Joseph van der Walde
Simon       van der Walde   Child of Joseph van der Walde
Isaac       van der Walde   Child of Joseph van der Walde
Isaac   Behr   Behr 45 Scholar
Marianne   Behr   Behr 14 Child of Isaac Behr
Muscade   Behr   Behr 9 Child of Isaac Behr
Isaac Salomons     Popert 53 married to Elisabeth Siemens
Jacob Josephs Salomons   Nordheimer 47 married to Maria Elieser
Elieser Jacobs     Nordheimer 15 Child of Isaac Salomon Nordheimer
Rosette       Nordheimer 12 Child of Isaac Salomon Nordheimer
Wulff Elimelech Levy Benjamin Elimelech Weinberg 38 married to Mariane Levy
Simon Elimelech Levy Simon Weinberg 32 Brother of Benjamin Elimelech Weinberg
Isaac Elimelech Levy Isaac Weinberg 30 Brother of Benjamin Elimelech Weinberg, married to Judith Jacobs aus Pekela
Hartog Elimelech Levy Hartog Weinberg 28 Brother of Benjamin Elimelech Weinberg
Elieser Elimelech Levy Elieser Weinberg 20 Brother of Benjamin Elimelech Weinberg
Engelina       Weinberg 12 Child of Benjamin Elimelech Weinberg
Clara       Weinberg 9 Child of Benjamin Elimelech Weinberg
Johanna       Weinberg 7 Child of Benjamin Elimelech Weinberg
Esther       Weinberg 5 Child of Benjamin Elimelech Weinberg
Elimelech       Weinberg 3 Child of Benjamin Elimelech Weinberg
Juda       Weinberg Child of Benjamin Elimelech Weinberg
Sara Isaacs     Weinberg Child of Isaac Weinberg
Elimelech Isaacs     Weinberg ¼ Child of Isaac Weinberg
Jacob Salomons     Peperwurtel 29 married to Clara Elimelech Weinberg
Jonas Joels Bamberger   Bamberger 55 Schullehrer
Joel Jonas     Bamberger 7 Child of Jonas Joels Bamberger
Isaac Jonas     Bamberger 4 Child of Jonas Joels Bamberger
Sara       Bamberger 4 Child of Jonas Joels Bamberger
Jacob Jonas     Bamberger 1 Child of Jonas Joels Bamberger
Daniel Abrahams Polak   Polak 62  
Engelina       Polak 16 Child of Daniel Abrahams Polak
Ephraim Daniel     Polak 14 Child of Daniel Abrahams Polak
Salomon Heymanns     Rosenthal 55 Teacher
Levy Salomon     Rosenthal 13 Child of Salomon Heymanns Rosenthal
Hartog Salomon     Rosenthal 10 Child of Salomon Heymanns Rosenthal
Frösina       Rosenthal 8 Child of Salomon Heymanns Rosenthal
Heymann Michels     Iman 64 Married
Juda Abrahams     Fischer 51 Married
Abraham       Fischer 8 Child of Juda Abrahams Fischer
Sophie       Fischer 6 Child of Juda Abrahams Fischer
Simson Nathan     Drücker 1775  
Jetta       Drücker 7 Child of Simson Nathan Drücker
Dina       Drücker 4 Child of Simson Nathan Drücker
David Levy Baruch     Borchard 1796 Studiosus
Moses Juda     Saphra 40 Sexton
Rahel       Saphra 11 Child of Moses Juda Saphra
Emanuel       Saphra 10 Child of Moses Juda Saphra
Carolina       Saphra 3 Child of Moses Juda Saphra
Sara       Saphra 1 Child of Moses Juda Saphra
Hartog       Benima 30 Passed his teacher examen in Assen 
Benjamin       Benima Child of Hartog Benima
David       Benima ¾ Child of Hartog Benima
Michael Cosel Friedländer   Friedländer 18 Teacher of German from Ellerich.
Jacob Heymann     Peperwurtel 43  
Esther       Peperwurtel 10 Child of Jacob Heymann Peperwurtel
Moses       Peperwurtel 7 Child of Jacob Heymann Peperwurtel
Salomon       Peperwurtel 4 Child of Jacob Heymann Peperwurtel
Sybilla       Peperwurtel ¾ Child of Jacob Heymann Peperwurtel
Jochum Philip   Joachim Philipstein 52  
Friederike       Philipstein 13 Child of Joachim Philip Philipstein
Isaac Joseph Salomon     Nordheimer 40  
Joseph       Nordheimer 9 Child of Isaac Joseph Salomon Nordheimer
Joseph Samuel Carpeles   Carpeles 32  
Simon Josephs     Carpeles 4 Child of Joseph Samuel Carpeles
Johanna       Carpeles 1 Child of Joseph Samuel Carpeles
Gaila       Carpeles 6 weeks Child of Joseph Samuel Carpeles
Isaac Jacob Pels   Pels 62  
Jacob Isaac     Pels 27 Child of Isaac Jacob Pels
Esther       Pels   Child of Isaac Jacob Pels. unmarried
Jette       Pels   Child of Isaac Jacob Pels. married to Jacob Moses Valk
Rosette       Pels   Child of Isaac Jacob Pels. unmarried
Friederike       Pels   Child of Jacob Isaac Pels
Isaac Jacobs     van der Haas 46 Unmarried
Isaac Siemens     van Oss 38  
Arend Siemens     van Oss 46 Brother of Isaac Siemens van Oss, unmaaried
Marieke       van Oss Child of Isaac Siemens van Oss
Simon       van Oss 0 Child of Isaac Siemens van Oss. age 12 weeks
Philip Garson Levy Philip Gerson Garson 70  
Simon Jacob Pels   Pels 1739  
Jacob Simon     Pels 28 Child of Simon Jacob Pels
Moses Jacob     Pels   Child of Jacob Simon Pels
Martje       Pels   Child of Jacob Simon Pels
Friederike       Pels   Child of Jacob Simon Pels
Samuel Philip     Philipstein 56  
Friederike       Philipstein 20 Child of Samuel Philip Philipstein, married to Simon Moses in Emden
Nathan       Philipstein 18 Child of Samuel Philip Philipstein
Philip       Philipstein 15 Child of Samuel Philip Philipstein
Hartog       Philipstein 13 Child of Samuel Philip Philipstein
Joachim       Philipstein 11 Child of Samuel Philip Philipstein
Uri       Philipstein 6 Child of Samuel Philip Philipstein
Simon Nathan Pels   Pels 66  
Nathan       Pels 30 Child of Simon Nathan Pels
Isaac       Pels 28 Child of Simon Nathan Pels
Marcus       Pels 24 Child of Simon Nathan Pels
Judith       Pels 21 Child of Simon Nathan Pels
Geertje       Pels 19 Child of Simon Nathan Pels
Eva       Pels 16 Child of Simon Nathan Pels
Daniel Ansel Scharluis Daniel Andreas Scharluis 30  
Portia Hartogs Levy   Levy 2 Stepdaughter. Daughter of Hartog Levy.
Philip Hartog     Hartogson 31  
Samuel Hartog     Hartogson   Brother of Philip Hartog Hartogson, unmarried
Calmer Hartog     Hartogson   Brother of Philip Hartog Hartogson, unmarried
Calmer Philip     Hartogson 3 Child of Philip Hartog Hartogson
Isaac Philip     Hartogson Child of Philip Hartog Hartogson
Jacob Simon Pels   Pels 53  
Isaac Simon Pels   Pels 56 Brother of Jacob Simon Pels
Moses Simon Pels   Pels 52 Brother of Jacob Simon Pels
Nathan Simon Pels   Pels 44 Brother of Jacob Simon Pels, married, without children
Simon Simon Pels   Pels 42 Brother of Jacob Simon Pels
Simon Jacob Pels   Pels 20 Child of Jacob Simon Pels
Clara   Pels   Pels 18 Child of Jacob Simon Pels
Henriette   Pels   Pels 24 Child of Jacob Simon Pels
Cornelia   Pels   Pels 17 Child of Simon Simon Pels
Friederica   Pels   Pels 16 Child of Simon Simon Pels
Esther   Pels   Pels 14 Child of Simon Simon Pels
Simon   Pels   Pels 10 Child of Simon Simon Pels
Henriette   Pels   Pels 6 Child of Sami Simon Pels
n.n.   Pels   Pels 4 Child of Sami Simon Pels
Daniel   Pels   Pels 3 Child of Sami Simon Pels
Simon   Pels   Pels 1 Child of Sami Simon Pels
Isaac Levy Norden   Norden 15 Child of the deceased Levy Isaac Norden
Gerson Levy Norden   Norden 13 Brother of Isaac Levy Norden
Sara   Norden   Norden 17 Sister of Isaac Levy Norden
Noach Jacob Levy   Verbund 85 Child of the Sopher Philip Jacobs
Goldsi       Verbund 32 Child of Noach Jacob Verbund, married to Nathan Meyer in Emden
Nathan   Borchard   Borchard 54 Teacher
Jette       Borchard 21 Child of Nathan Borchard
Smai       Borchard 13 Child of Nathan Borchard
Moses       Borchard 11 Child of Nathan Borchard
David       Borchard 1 Child of Nathan Borchard
Abraham Jacob Pels   Pels 58  
Jacob       Pels 20 Child of Abraham Jacob Pels
Betje       Pels 19 Child of Abraham Jacob Pels
Joseph       Pels 17 Child of Abraham Jacob Pels
Rosetta       Pels 11 Child of Abraham Jacob Pels
Rebecca       Pels 5 Child of Abraham Jacob Pels
Moses Simons   Moses Simon Bundheim 55 from Bunde
Simon Moses     Bundheim 25 Child of Moses Simon Bundheim
Nathan       Bundheim 18 Child of Moses Simon Bundheim
Wulff Jacobs Norden   Norden 56  
Jacob       Norden 21 Child of Wulff Jacobs Norden
Henriette       Norden 19 Child of Wulff Jacobs Norden
Salomon       Norden 17 Child of Wulff Jacobs Norden
Maria         13