Name adoption list of Brühl, 1808

Published in: Becker-Jakli, Barbara: Juden in Brühl. Thanks to Ben Forman who transcribed and sent this list..
No.Old Name New Name Relationship
1Abraham LeviJacob Roos 
2Merl CainMoira Moses, Magdalena MoserSpouse of No. 1
3SaraWilhelmineDaughter of No. 1
4BaruchHeinrichSon of No. 1
5SchmaulPhilippSon of No. 1
6LinaHelenDaughter of No. 1
7LeviHermannSon of No. 1
8BlumngenGudulaDaughter of No. 1
9Hirz CainHenrich Hirsch 
10Eckel CainAnnaSpouse of No. 9
11AronArnoldSon of No. 9
12GudulaGudulaDaughter of No. 9
13VeronikaVeronika HirschMother of No. 10
14Rosa CainSibilla CahenWidow
15Jonas CainJonas KaufmannSon of No. 14
16Sprinz LeviCäcilieSpouse of No. 15
17Michel CainMichel Kaufmann 
18Vosen CainServas KaufmannSon of No. 17
19Michel LeiserMichael Katz 
20GudulaGudulaDaughter of No. 19
21GoltgenSibillaDaughter of No. 19
22Philipp DavidPhilipp Sürth 
23Marx CainMarcus Ochs 
24RachelRegineSpouse of No. 23
25Moyses CainMoises Kaufmann 
26SaraSaraSpouse of No. 25
28Noa SamuelDaniel Beer 
29SaraHeleneDaughter of No. 28
30AbrahamMarkusSon of No. 28
31CappelJacobSon of No. 28