Name adoption list of Wolfhagen, 1812

HStAM Best. 76a, Nr. 28.
No.Place of residenceOld nameSon(s)New nameDate of birthOccupationParents
1WolfhagenPeisach Leib Alexander1756TraderLeib and Bela, both deceased
2Wolfhagen SeligmannAlexander17.1.1802 Preisach Leib Alexander and Reisgen
3Wolfhagen SanderAlexander21.5.1805 Preisach Leib Alexander and Reisgen
4Wolfhagen AbrahamAlexander2.3.1808 Preisach Leib Alexander and Reisgen
5WolfhagenItzig Salomon Berg1774TraderFeist Itzig (deceased) and Jüttel
6Wolfhagen FeistBerg3.11.1811 Itzig Salomon Berg and Beyla
7WolfhagenBendix Loewenbaum1797 Seelig (deceased) and Beilchen
8WolfhagenNathan Speyer Kleeberg1771TraderAbraham Speyer and Saara, both deceased
9Wolfhagen AbrahamKleeberg18.12.1798 Nathan Speyer Kleeberg and Kleeberg
10Wolfhagen AlexanderKleeberg1.11.1809 Nathan Speyer Kleeberg and Kleeberg
11WolfhagenElias Goldschmidt1748TraderSamuel Melrich and Rees, both deceased
12Wolfhagen SchmollGoldschmidt23.8.1791 Elias Goldschmidt and Badseba
13Wolfhagen HerzGoldschmidt27.3.1795 Elias Goldschmidt and Badseba
14WolfhagenSchaft Melrich Haine1741TraderSamuel Melrich and Rees, both deceased
15Wolfhagen BenedixHaine16.3.1780 Schaft Melrich Haine and
16WolfhagenSander Katz Hofa1762 Moses Katz (deceased) and Keile
17Wolfhagen MosesHofa5.5.1809 Sander Katz Hofa and Beya
18WolfhagenWolf Katz Katzenstein1746TraderMoses Katz and Madchen, both deceased
19Wolfhagen IsaacKatzenstein11.10.1788 Moses Katz Katzenstein and Simchen
20WolfhagenAbraham Katz Krohn1750TraderMoses Katz and Madchen, both deceased
21Wolfhagen MosesKrohn2.3.1784 Abraham Katz Katzenstein and Rösgen
22Wolfhagen LeibKrohn4.5.1789 Abraham Katz Katzenstein and Rösgen
23Wolfhagen WolfKrohn8.5.1794 Abraham Katz Katzenstein and Rösgen
24Wolfhagen SchmollKrohn11.4.1797 Abraham Katz Katzenstein and Rösgen
25Wolfhagen SalomonKrohn8.2.1800 Abraham Katz Katzenstein and Rösgen
26WolfhagenJoseph Haune Katz Katzenberg1762TraderHaune Katz (deceased) and Hendel
27Wolfhagen HauneKatzenberg17.10.1800 Joseph Haune Katzenstein and Hannchen
28Wolfhagen ElisasKatzenberg8.2.1803 Joseph Haune Katzenstein and Hannchen
29Wolfhagen ItzigKatzenberg8.4. 1809 Joseph Haune Katzenstein and Hannchen
30WolfhagenSüssmann Weidmüller1788TraderBaruch Abraham and Beile Katz
31WolfhagenSander Kanne9.9.1791 Abraham Moses Kanne and
32WolfhagenIsaac Kanne10.2.1808 Abraham Moses Kanne and
33WolfhagenItzig Haune Katz Kohen1756TraderHaune Katz (deceased) and Hendel
34WolfhagenHerz Katzenbach1771TraderMoses Katz and Hendel, both deceased
35WolfhagenMoses Katz Lieberg1770TraderHaune Katz (deceased) and Hendel
36Wolfhagen HauneLieberg20.2.1812 Moses Katz Liberg and Gütchen
37WolfhagenBaer Freudenstein1781ServantBendix Baer and Doefele
38WolfhagenMoses Peritz Levison1754CantorLöb Reritz and Giedchen, both deceased
39Wolfhagen LöbLevison29.7.1792 Moses Peritz Levison and Roeschen
40Wolfhagen DavidLevison27.3.1805 Moses Peritz Levison and Roeschen
41Wolfhagen JacobLevison10.5.1807 Moses Peritz Levison and Roeschen
42Wolfhagen CappelLevison8.8.1808 Moses Peritz Levison and Roeschen
43Wolfhagen SiemonLevison9.8.1810 Moses Peritz Levison and Roeschen
44WolfhagenManus Joseph Mayblum1764ButcherJoseph and Edel, both deceased
45Wolfhagen Jospel JosephMayblum14.9.1800 Manus Joseph Mayblum and Meule Jonas
46Wolfhagen Jonas JosephMayblum23.12.1802 Manus Joseph Mayblum and Meule Jonas
47Wolfhagen Jacob JosephMayblum28.6.1805 Manus Joseph Mayblum and Meule Jonas
48WolfhagenSeelig MayblumMay 1781 Brochen (illegitimate)
49WolfhagenSamuel Katz Ofenheim1772TraderSchloom Katz and Edel, both deceased
50Wolfhagen SchlomannOfenheim22.2.1808 Schmul Katz Ofenheim and Mindel
51WolfhagenJoseph Speyer Ofenberg1776TraderAbraham Speyer and Saara, both deceased
52Wolfhagen AbrahamOfenberg25.11.1804 Joseph Speyer Ofenberg and Rachel (deceased)
53Wolfhagen MosesOfenberg4.2.1809 Joseph Speyer Ofenberg and Saara
54WolfhagenCalmen Levi Reichhard1779TraderSüssmann Levi and Zerle, both deceased
55Wolfhagen LazarusReichhard20.7.1811 Calmen Levis Reichhard and Kochlchen
56WolfhagenSimon Schmann12.5.1752Servant 
57WolfhagenJoseph Mayer Rosenmeyer1751TraderIsaac Meyer and Saara, both deceased
58Wolfhagen JacobRosenmeyer27.12.1793 Joseph Rosenmeyer and Fradgen
59Wolfhagen AbrahamRosenmeyer30.9.1796 Joseph Rosenmeyer and Fradgen
60Wolfhagen MosesRosenmeyer28.4.1802 Joseph Rosenmeyer and Fradgen
61Wolfhagen AlexanderRosenmeyer27.7.1810 Joseph Rosenmeyer and Fradgen
62WolfhagenSander Katz Wertheim1762TraderHaune Katz (deceased) and Hendel
62aWolfhagen HauneWertheim19.9.1797 Sander Katz Wertheim and Breune
63Wolfhagen MichelWertheim9.7.1802 Sander Katz Wertheim and Breune
64Wolfhagen ItzigWertheim1.1.1804 Sander Katz Wertheim and Breune
65WolfhagenHeinemann Ruben CappelFebr. 1788 Ruben Cappel and Breune
66WolfhagenSander Katz Winterbrg1762TraderMoses Katz and Hendel, both deceased
67Wolfhagen MosesWinterberg14.9.1797 Sander Katz Winterberg and Hendel
68Wolfhagen SchlomannWinterberg31.5.1800 Sander Katz Winterberg and Hendel
69Wolfhagen SalomonWinterberg28.2.1800 Sander Katz Winterberg and Hendel
70WolfhagenSander Speyer Weissenbach1768TraderAbraham Speyer and Saara, both deceased
71Wolfhagen AbrahamWeissenbach10.8.1809 Sander Speyer Weissenbach and Rachel
72WolfhagenBenjamin Melrich Lazarus1756TraderSchmul Melrich and Rees, both deceased
73Wolfhagen GersonLazarus25.5.1790 Benjamin Melrich Lazarus and Beile
74Wolfhagen SamuelLazarus11.3.1792 Benjamin Melrich Lazarus and Beile
75WolfhagenZadog Loew Stolberg1771Servant 
76WolfhagenMarcus  Kohen1764ServantSimon Katz and Rachel, both deceased
77WolfhagenBaruch Block1773TraderJonas Bloch and Golde, both deceased
78WolfhagenMoses Rosenbaum1771TraderJonas Kaiser and Hanna, both deceased