Name adoption list of Thingen, 1808

Quelle: GLA Karlsruhe, Best. 239, No. 447. Thanks to Stefan Jamin who transcribed and sent this list.
No. Old name Old given name New name New given name Age Remark
1 Guggenheim Joseph Guggenheim Joseph 41 married, son Samuel Guggenheim (dean of the community)
      Guggenheim Moses 10  
      Guggenheim Koppel 7  
      Guggenheim Jenkede 4  
      Guggenheim Lorach 1 1/2  
2 Bernheim Mayer Bernheim Mayer 73  
        Aeser 53  
            married in Benzlau
        Sara   servant in Switzerland
        Leva   Sservant in Switzerland
        Salomon Löb 20  
3     Bernheim Meyer 38 unmarried, son of the deceased Sandel Bernheim
      Bernheim Isaak 28 unmarried, brother of Meyer Bernheim
        Sara   sister of Meyer Bernheim
        Fradel 32 sister of Meyer Bernheim
4 Bernheim Seligmann Bernheim Seligmann 20 unmarried, son of Menge Bernheim Hirschen
      Bernheim Hirsch 18 brother of Seligmann Bernheim
        Schönle 40 widow, mother of Seligmann
        Salomon 14 brother of Seligmann Bernheim
        Samuel 9 brother of Seligmann Bernheim
        Sirel 19 sister of Seligmann Bernheim, in Galingen
5 Bernheim Marks or Mengge Salomon Bernheim Marks oder Mengge Salomon 50 widower of Kaja Reisin
      Bernheim Jos. 17  
        Sara 18  
        Breunlein 16