Name adoption list of Stromberg and Feibersbach, 1808

LHK Best. 236, Nr. 364
No. Place of residence Name of Declarant New familyname Old first name New first name Relationship Occupation
1 Stromberg Kiever Gumbruch Haas   Salomon    
      Haas Mengue David Son of 1  
      Haas Guidle Gertrude Daughter of 1  
      Haas Ester Ester Daughter of 1  
      Haas Ele Elisabeth Daughter of 1  
      Haas Rachel Rachel Daughter of 1  
2 Stromberg Joseph Isaac Kann   Joseph    
      Kann Lea Lea Daughter of 2  
      Kann Jaques Jaques Son of 2  
      Kann Sender Alexander Son of 2  
      Kann Friedge Frederique Daughter of 2  
      Kann Ele Elisabeth Daughter of 2  
      Kann Lemmle Leopold Son of 2  
3 Stromberg Leser Joseph Kann   Lazar Son of 2  
4 Stromberg Wolf Levi Levi   Wolfgang   Butcher
5 Stromberg Simon Isaac Kann   Simon    
      Kann Isaac Isaac Son of 5  
      Kann Abraham Abraham Son of 5  
      Kann Hanne Jeannette Daughter of 5  
6 Stromberg Mendle Mayer Mayer   Moise    
      Mayer Brendle Barbe Daughter of 6  
      Mayer Ricke Ricke Daughter of 6  
      Mayer Minkel   Daughter of 6  
7 Stromberg Salomon Mendle Mayer   Salomon Son of 6  
      Mayer Süse Salome Daughter of 7  
      Mayer Mayer Michel Son of 7  
      Mayer Loeb Leopold Son of 7  
      Mayer   Jeannette Daughter of 7  
8 Stromberg Loeser Joseph Ganss   Joseph    
9 Stromberg Jacob Joseph Stern   Jaques   Butcher
      Stern Joseph Josph Son of 9  
10 Stromberg Blüm nee Levis Levi   Blandine Spouse of Wolfgang Levi  
11 Stromberg Elke Levi   Elisabeth Daughter of Wolfgang Levi  
12 Stromberg Joseph Isaac Ganss   Joseph    
13 Stromberg Feitel Joseph Ganss   Philippe Son of 8  
14 Stromberg Lipmann Joseph Ganss   Lotaire Son of 8 and brother of 12 and 13  
15 Stromberg Ele Ganss   Phillipine Daughter of 8  
16 Feibersbach Jachit Seligmann Seligmann   Joachim    
      Seligmann Voeguel Jeannette Daughter of 16  
      Seligmann Gütle Caroline Daughter of 16  
      Seligmann Memmel Madelaine Daughter of 16  
      Seligmann Moische Moise Son of 16  
      Seligmann Isaac Isaac Son of 16  
17 Feibersbach Jacob Mischel Michel   Jaques    
      Michel Mansche Loeb Moise Son of 17  
      Michel Aberle Abraham Son of 17  
      Michel Anschel Anselm Son of 17  
18 Feibersbach Abraham Joseph Mayer   Abraham    
19 Feibersbach Michel Abraham Mayer   Michel Son of 18  
      Mayer Joseph Joseph Son of 19  
      Mayer Hendle Henriette Daughter of 19  
20 Feibersbach Joseph David Harf   Joseph    
      Harf Deib Ester Daughter of 20  
      Harf Ele Elisabeth Daughter of 20  
      Harf Debele Hirsch Moise Son of 20  
      Harf Sara Sara Daughter of 20  
      Harf Rech Rachel Daughter of 20  
21 Feibersbach Loise Gelatine Mayer   Sara Spouse of 22  
22 Feibersbach Moise Samuel Hecht   Moise    
      Hecht Samuel Samuel Son of 22  
23 Feibersbach Hersch Moses Steinbach   Moise    
24 Feibersbach Getaille Joseph Mayer   Daniel    
      Mayer Mamel   Daughter of 24  
25 Feibersbach Wolf David Simon   Wolfgang    
26 Doerrnbach Abraham Isaac Kann   Abraham    
      Kann Süse Sara Daughter of 26  
      Kann Isaac Isaac Son of 26  
      Kann Salme Salomon Son of 26  
      Kann Terze Friderica Daughter of 26  
      Kann Mayer Moise Son of 26  
      Kann Loeb Levi Son of 26  
27 Feibersbach Mala Steinbach   Martha Spouse of 17 and daughter of Hersch Moses  
28 Feibersbach Hendle Mayer   Jeannette Spouse of 20, daughter of Abraham Mayer  
29 Feibersbach Schönchen Mayer   Jeannette Spouse of Abraham Mayer  
30   Claire Ganss   Claire Spouse of 12  
31 Feibersbach Abraham Seligmann Seligmann   Abraham    
      Kann Sarle Sare Daughter of 31  
      Seligmann Manche Jeannette Daughter of 31  
      Seligmann Schele Charlotte Daughter of 31  
      Seligmann Seligmann Isaac    
32 Feibersbach Isaac Seligmann Seligmann   Isaac    
33 Feibersbach Brendle Levi Levi   Odille Spouse of 31  
34   Roesele Ganss   Rose Spouse of 13  
35   Geitel Kahn Kahn   Sara Spouse of 5  
36   Eisic Mendel Mayer   Isaac Son of 6  
37   Sara Falck Falck   Sara Spouse of 1  
38   Bredle Lazarus Strauss   Eve Spouse of 2