Name adoption list of Sinzig, 1808

Thanks to Yann Mars who sent the list.
No. Old name Old first name New familyname New first name Date/place of birth Relationship
1 Isaac Feist   FEIST Isaac From Sinzig  
2 Zipper Feist   FEIST Sibille   Daughter of 1
3 Daniel Meyer   MAYER Daniel From Sinzig  
4 Godschalck Sussmann   LIEBMANN Jacques From Sinzig  
5   Abraham LIEBMANN Abraham   Son of 4
6 Alexandre Suskind   SUSKIND Alexandre From Sinzig  
7 Levi Hirsch   HIRSCH Léon From Sinzig  
8 Veilgen Heyman   HEYMANN Caroline From Sinzig Spouse of 7
9 Jacques Hirsch   HIRSCH Jacques From Sinzig  
10 Vogel Moise   MAAS Eve From Sinzig  
11   Herz Jacob HIRSCH Napoléon 14/3/1805 Sinzig Son of 9
12   Sara HIRSCH Sara 25/4/1808 Sinzig Daughter of 9
13 Salomon Kahen   KAHEN Salomon From Sinzig  
14 Barmen Jacob   HIRSCH Bernarde From Sinzig  
15 Hirsch Jacob   HIRSCH Adam From Sinzig  
16 Schoengen Simon   AMON Jeannette From Sinzig Widow of Moises Levi
17   Leve Moyses AMON Eva 14/3/1801 Sinzig Daughter of 16
18   Besgen Moyses AMON Babette 13/11/1805 Sinzig Daughter of 16
19 Gutgen David   MAYER Gudule   Spouse of 3
20 Gutle Mayer   MAYER Gudule    
21 Joseph Mayer   MAYER Joseph    
22 Israel Suskind   SUSKIND Israel From Westum  
23 Matgen Levi   SUSKIND Amalie From Westum  
24 Fratgen Suskind   SUSKIND Véronique From Sinzig  
25 Gertrude Suskind   SUSKIND Gertrude From Westum  
26   Breile SUSKIND Babette 6/2/1801 Daughter of 23
27 Godschalck Abraham   WOLFF Abraham From Westum  
28 Knentel Suskind   SUSKIND Caroline From Westum  
29 David Barmen   GAMS David From Löhndorf  
30 Sare Feist   FEIST Sare From Löhndorf  
31   Barmen David GAMS David 16/4/1802 Son of 29
32   David Feist GAMS Adam 20/10/1806 Son of 29
33   Isaac Barmen GAMS Isaac   Son of 29
34 Rosa Heymann   HEYMANN Rosa From Sinzig