Name adoption list of Simmern/Hunsrück, 1808

*unfortunately, the poor quality of the microfilm does not allow certain parts to be read. Thanks to Yann Mars who sent the list.
No.Old familynameOld first nameNew familynameNew first nameDate/Place of birthRelationshipRemark
1Loeb Jacob ROTHSCHILDSalomon51 years Trader
2Esther ROOSEsther48 yearsSpouse of 1Daughter of Bernum ROOS from Offenbach
3 DavidROTHSCHILDDavid15/10/1794 SimmernSon of 1 
4 GertrudeROTHSCHILDGertrude14/3/1800 SimmernDaughter of 1 
5 *ROTHSCHILDBarbe10/9/1802 SimmernDaughter of 1 
6Kopel Loeb ROTHSCHILDLevi46 years Trader
7Joseph Calman KULMANNJoseph62 years Cattle Trader
8 IsacKULMANNIsac4/5/1783 SimmernSon of 7 
9 Samuel kopelROTHSCHILDSamuel26/5/1795 SimmernSon of 6 
10 JacobKULMANNJacob20/8/1787 SimmernSon of 7 
11 LiebmannKULMANNLazar22/6/17**Son of 7 
12 ZeinelKULMANNSibille28/4/1794 SimmernDaughter of 7 
13 MortgeKULMANNMarc17/2/1797 SimmernSon of 7 
14 SendenKULMANNAlexandre11/8/1799 SimmernSon of 7 
15 MendleKULMANNEmmanuel10/2/1802 SimmernSon of 7 
16Simon Moyse SCHLOSSSimon66 years Cattle Trader
17 JacobSCHLOSSJacob12/8/1789 SimmernSon of 16 
18 BelaSCHLOSSPhilippine16/7/1792 SimmernDaughter of 16 
19Jacques Salomon ROTHSCHILDJacques Salomon23 yearsTrader 
20Henriette Seligmann SELIGMANNHenriette17 yearsSpouse of 19 
21 GoldcheROTHSCHILDCaroline18/6/1808 SimmernDaughter of 19 
22Salomon Loeb Seligmann SELIGMANNSalomon53 years Horse merchant
23 Salomon LoebSELIGMANNSalomon15/12/1785 SimmernSon of 22"Imbécile" (Cretin)
24 EveSELIGMANNEve15/4/1796 SimmernDaughter of 22 
25 GütelSELIGMANNCaroline15/*/1798 SimmernDaughter of 22 
26 EdelSELIGMANNRose17/6/1800 SimmernDaughter of 22 
27 LoebSELIGMANNLevi12/11/1802 SimmernSon of 22 
28 EstherSELIGMANNEsther1/5/1805 SimmernDaughter of 22 
29 AnschelSELIGMANNAdolphe11/6/1807 SimmernSon of 22 
30Isac Hayum Gutmann GUTMANIsac32 years Trader
31Seligmann Bermann BERMANNSamuel30 years Horse Merchant
32Gerson Loeb PICARTIsac46 years cantor of his religion
33Sara Isac PICARTSara36 yearsSpouse of 32Daughter of Isaac Rabin
34Moyse Simon SCHLOSSMoyse34 years Cattle Trader
35 SeligmannSCHLOSSSimon4/5/1801 SimmernSon of 34 
36 IsaacSCHLOSSIsaac21/6/1804 SimmernSon of 34 
37* SCHLOSSSalomon26 years Cattle Trader
38Feits Joseph BERMANNPhilippe43 years Cattle Trader
39 MarianneBERMANNMarie-Anne2/9/1804 SimmernDaughter of 38 
40 KehleBERMANNCaroline9/5/1808 SimmernDaughter of 38 
41Moyse Bonheim BONHEIMMoyse32 years Cattle trader
42Salomon Raphael SCHEUERSalomon Raphael32 years Trader
43 RafailSCHEUERRaphael12/8/1808 SimmernSon of 42 
44Abraham Isaac MANELIsaac39 years Messenger
45Loeb David SPITZLevi David52 years Glasses merchant
46Gertrude Flesch FLESCHGertrude47 yearsSpouse of 45From Kreuznach
47 SaraSPITZSara29/11/1789 SimmernDaughter of 45 
48 IsaacSPITZIsaac24/6/1791 SimmernSon of 45 
49 MayerSPITZMarc23/4/1805 SimmernSon of 45 
50 Loeb HirschMANELLevi1/9/180 * SimmernSon of 44 
51Judge Spitz SPITZHenriette37 yearsSpouse of 44 
52 DavidMANELDavid20/8/1804 SimmernSon of 44 
53 WolfMANELSalomon28/10/1807 SimmernSon of 44 
54Jacques Kopel ROTHSCHILDJacques Levi21 years(son of 6 ?)Trader
55Gottge ROTHSCHILDCaroline18 yearsSpouse of 54 
56Samuel Moyse BECKERSamuel23 years House Maid
57Jidle SELIGMANNJudith34 ansSpouse of 22Daughter of David Seligmann from Kreuznach
58Roesgen SELIGMANNRosalie62 yearsWidow of Behn, Cattle TraderDaughter of Loeb Seligmann (dead),
59Fromet KAUFMANNFrançoise21 yearsDaughter of Benedict Kaufmann, BinningenHouse Maid
60 SalomonGOLDSCHMIEDSalomon25/5/1791 SimmernPupil of 22Son of Loeb Nathan & Edel (dead)
61 JosephGOLDSCHMIEDJoseph15/7/1794 SimmernPupil of 22Brother of 60
62 IsaacGOLDSCHMIEDIsaac29/9/1797 SimmernPupil of 22Brother of 60
63Fratge GÜMBELFrançoise30 yearsSpouse of 38Daughter of Isaac Gümbel & Hindge (from Creauche ?)
64Sara OPPENHEIMERSara62 yearsSpouse of 7Daughter of Isaac Oppenheimer & Ziepen (Ober-Ingelheim)
65Haudgen GRUNEWALDJeannette58 yearsSpouse of 16Daughter of Moise Jacob & Regina dead from Rheinböllen
66Mange SCHLOSSAnne28 yearsSpouse of 41Daughter of 16 & 65
67Jette HAUSENHenriette26 yearsSpouse of 42Daughter of Joseph Hausen from Mainz & Rachel
68* WOLFFJoséphine26 yearsSpouse * SCHLOSS (34 or 38)