Name adoption list of Schwarzenfels (conscripts), 1811

Thanks to Sandy Rothschild who sent the copies.
No. Town Old name New name
1 Oberzell Amsel Moses Amsel Rosenbaum
2 Sterbfritz Gumb Hersch Gumb Hecht
3 Heubach Mordge Katz Mordge Katz
4 Sterbfritz Abraham Meyer Abraham Goldschmidt
5 Heubach Siemon Goldschmidt Siemon Goldschmidt
6   Wolf Katz Wolf Katz
7 Oberzell Loeb Levi Loeb Hecht
8 Sterbfritz Joseph Meyer Joseph Goldschmidt
9   David Samuel David Girx
10   Mendel Samuel Mendel Lichtenstaedter
11   Samuel David Loeb Samuel David Diefenbach