Name adoption list of Rothselberg, 1808

Quelle: LA Speyer, H 63, Nr. 1305. Thanks to Stefan Jamin who transcribed and sent this list.
No.Old familynameOld first nameNew familynameNew first nameAgeRemark
1KostmannLemmelLammLazarus33 years 
2RothschildNathanne Marie Madelaine wife of No. 1
3  LammSara11 yearsdaugter of No. 1
4  LammJacques7 yearsson of No. 1
5  LammPhilippe3 yearsson of No. 1
6  LammJoseph9 monthson of No. 1
7RothschildNathanneRothschildFriderica29 yearsdaughter of Nathane Rothschild