Name adoption list of Oberweiler and Essweiler, 1808

Quelle: LA Speyer, H 63, Nr. 316, thanks to Stefan Jamin who transcribed and sent this list.
No.TownOld familynameOld first nameNew familynameNew first nameAgeRemark
1OberweilerKoschmannLemmelLammJaques66 years 
2OberweilerKoschmannSaraLammSara27 yearsdaughter of No. 1
3OberweilerRothschildJosephRothschildJoseph45 years 
4Oberweiler JendelRothschildJudith45 yearswife of No. 3
5Oberweiler SchengenRothschildSchanete13 yearsdaughter of No. 3
6OberweilerRothschildJonathanRothschildJonathan10 yearsson of No. 3
7OberweilerLemmelKoschmannLammAlexander43 years 
8Oberweiler SaergenLammSara34 yearswife of No. 7
9Oberweiler RoesgenLammRosett9 yearsdaughter of No. 7
10Oberweiler IsackLammIsack6 yearsson of No. 7
11Oberweiler DavidLammDavid4 yearsson of No. 7
12Oberweiler JaengenLammHangen3 yearsdaughter of No. 7
13Oberweiler EdelLammRahel1 yeardaughter of No. 7
14OberweilerIsackMosesBlumMoses31 years 
15Oberweiler LeaBlumLea25 yearswife of No. 14, daughter of No. 18
16OberweilerIsackLoebBlumJudas3 yearsson of No. 14
17Oberweiler BeileBlumEsther5 yearsdaughter of No. 14
18Oberweiler VogelWolfRebekka60 yearsmother-in-law of No. 14
19OberweilerLoebWolfWolfBeniamin23 years 
20Oberweiler TheilgenWolfRahel20 yearswife of No. 19
21EssweilerLoebLibmannDavidLazarus40 years 
22Essweiler BelzDavidElisabeth36 yearswife if No. 21
23Essweiler LoebDavidJacques8 yearsson of No. 21
24Essweiler SaraDavidSara4 yearsdaughter of No. 21
25Essweiler AbrahamDavidAbraham2 yearsson of No. 21
26EssweilerWolfLoebWolfJacques64 years 
27EssweilerWolfBeerWolfAbraham33 years 
28Essweiler GutelWolfSara27 yearswife of No. 27
29Essweiler GutelWolfRebekka3 yearsdaughter of No. 27
30Essweiler MosesWolfMoses1 yearson of No. 27
31EssweilerWolfLoebWolfBeniamin30 years 
32Essweiler RoesgenWolfRose25 yearswife of No. 31
33EssweilerRothschildFeisRothschildJaques36 years 
34Essweiler FeilgenRothschildSara34 yearswife of No. 33
35Essweiler FentgenRothschildRahel8 yearsdaughter of No. 33
36Essweiler TeigenRothschildLea6 yearsdaughter of No. 33
37Essweiler KalmerRothschildSalomon5 yearsson of No. 33
38Essweiler FickeRothschildRebekka1 yeardaughter of No. 33
39EssweilerWolfDebeleWolfDavid61 years 
40Essweiler FrommetWolfLea62 yearswife of No. 39
41EssweilerDebeleWolfWolfBeniamin31 years 
42EssweilerWolfAronWolfAron34 years 
43Essweiler GutelWolfSara34 yearswife of No. 42
44Essweiler WolfWolfBeniamin2 yearsson of No. 42
45Essweiler AnschelRothschildDavid23 years 
46Essweiler HundgenRothschildRahel60 yearsmother of No. 45
47Essweiler EstherRothschildEsther18 yearssister of No. 45
48Essweiler LibmannRothschildLazarus21 years 
49Essweiler MordgenRothschildMardochai13 yearsbrother of No. 48
50EssweilerCumbertsMortgenCumbertsMarcus31 years 
51Essweiler RahelCumbertsRahel28 yearswife of No. 50
52EssweilerRothschildLoebRothschildJoseph63 years 
53EssweilerRothschildLoebRothschildJaques32 years 
54Essweiler GuterodRothschildGertrude23 yearswife of No. 53
55Essweiler HannaRothschildAnna7 yearsdaughter of No. 53
56Essweiler MamelRothschildSara6 yearsdaughter of No. 53
57Essweiler GutgenRothschildRebekka5 yearsdaughter of No. 53
58Essweiler SchoengeRothschildSchanettgen3 yearsdaughter of No. 53
59Essweiler BeeleRothschildElisabeth1 yeardaughter of No. 53
60EssweilerWolfAronAronEsther50 yearssister-in-law of No. 42