Name adoption list of Memmelsdorf, 1817

Published in: Rosenstock, Dirk: Die unterfränkischen Judenmatrikeln von 1817. Würzburg 2008, S. 110-111. Thanks to Leo Hoenig who transcribed and sent this list.
No.Old NameNew NameOccupationCharterAge, FamilyRemark
1Hajum MayerHeymannGoods Dealer1766 (G)75,W,5s,2d 
2Abraham MayerRosenbergerCattle Dealer1779 (R)71,W,1S,2D 
3Mayer AbrahamRosenbergerCattle Dealer1797 (R)41,W,2S,3D 
4Abraham SalomonWeinschenkCattle Dealer1793 (G)48,W,1S,2D 
5Salomon MarxGütermannCattle Dealer1804 (G)30,W,3S,2D 
6Mayer JosephStraussMiddleman1801 (G)59,W,1S,2D 
7Moses Hirsch LeviMorgenrothHops and Spice Trader1794 (L)44,W,2S,4D 
8Henlein LeviGreissCut Goods1798 (G)52,W,1S,1D 
9Moses LeviSchreiberHebrew Torah scriber1797 (G)47,W,3S,3D 
10Herz SamuelFrankCattle Dealer1802 (L)39,W,6S,1D 
11Juda SamuelFrankCattle1799 (G)43,W,3S 
12Simon MaierLebrechtGoods Dealer1796 (L)53,W,4S,2D 
13Löw SamuelFrankCattle Dealer1805 (L)30,W,1S,3D 
14Alexander Maier jüngerLebrechtGoods Dealer1804 (L)38,W,1S,1D 
15Alexander Maier älterGutmannMiddleman1794 (G)55,W,2S,3D 
16Moses HirschFriedsamTeacher, master watchmaker1795 (L)52,W,3S,3D 
17Mennlein HaiumHaimannGoods Dealer1806 (G)45,W,1S,2D 
18Moses MaierLebrecht ?Middleman1804 (L)50,W,1SMosche Lebrecht, commercial man and widower, 82 years old, died on January 21, 1848. His wife, who predeased him, was named Esther. Both were the parents of Rabbi Mayer Lebrecht of Niederwerrn (1808-90) the Districtr Rabbi of Niederwerrn/Schweinfurt (1840-90).
19Low SimonFriedmannGoods Dealer1801 (L)40,W,2S,3D 
20Israel LippmannLippmannGoods Dealer1790 (L)56,W,3S,3D 
21Wolf MaierKleinFruit Dealer1798 (L)51,W,4S,1D 
22Simon LöserKornGoods Dealer1804 (G)42,W,1S,3D 
23Moses SimonHofmannCut Trade1805 (L)25,W,1S,2DThis age is probably too young: 35 years old?
24LithauerLithauerJewish Hebrew Teacher1798 (L)Teacher 
25Jacob MayerStraussCattle Dealer1814 (G)25,W,1S 
26Hirsch LesarKornCattle Dealer1810 (G)36,W,1S,1D 
27Wolf SchmayWorthainerIron Trade(1776) (G)68,W,3S.3D"The first name he selected, Nordheimer, was rejected. –“He could not find his charter, but he is protection-relation [the v. Greiffenk
28Mayer WolfWorthainer†Cattle Dealer1803 (L)37,W,5S,1DThe first name he selected, Nordheimer, was rejected
29Markus SchmayWorthainerCloth Dealer1808 (G)32,W,1S,2DThe first name he selected, Nordheimer, was rejected.
30Schmay WolfWorthainerCloth Dealer1814 (G)27,W,child(ren)The first name he selected, Nordheimer, was rejected
31Abraham LippmannLippmannMiddleman(1790) (L)58,W,2S 
32Isaak MayerLebrechtDay Laborer 42,W.2S,3DPretended to have lost his protection letter, issued by the landlord of Lichtenstein but legitimized himself by a degree of the Königl. Appelat: Court. He is a direct protedted Jew.
33Seligmann AbrahamEiermannMiddleman1780 (G)64,W,3S,1D 
34Feivel LöwRötherCattle Dealer1792 (G)60,W,1S,1D 
35LangstätterLangstätterCattle Dealer1804 (G)43,W,3S,1D 
36Löw MayerFleischerButcher1803 (L)41,W,2S,2DThe Butcher Concession is from the Royal National Management CPU Würzburg p. Resc: ad May 11, 1812, No. 7517.
37Marx AlexanderGütermannCattle Dealer1779 (G)58,W,3S,3D 
38Moses MayerKohnCattle Dealer(1796) (G)?55,W,4S,1DHas no charter of protection, but only a certification dated January 76, 1796 from the office in Gereuth that states he has protection.
39Maria AnnaWidow HeiderServant1793 (G)55,1S,1D 
 The followingpeople received noregister place
40David MosesAdlerJew Cantor, Butcher 51,W,3S,3D 
41EdelWidow KohnServant 46,1DHas no charter
42Isaaks RelictenSchönhofMessenger (31,29),1D (3)Could not find his charter