Name adoption list of Memmelsdorf (Kreis Haßberge), 1817

No. Old Name New Name Occupation Charter Age, Family Remark
        G=Greiffenclau w=wife  
        L=Lichtenstein S=son  
        R=Rothenhan d=daughter  
1 Hajum Mayer Heymann Goods Dealer 1766 (G) 75,W,5s,2d  
2 Abraham Mayer Rosenberger Cattle Dealer 1779 (R) 71,W,1S,2D  
3 Mayer Abraham Rosenberger Cattle Dealer 1797 (R) 41,W,2S,3D
4 Abraham Salomon Weinschenk Cattle Dealer 1793 (G) 48,W,1S,2D
5 Salomon Marx Gütermann Cattle Dealer 1804 (G) 30,W,3S,2D
6 Mayer Joseph Strauss Middleman 1801 (G) 59,W,1S,2D
7 Moses Hirsch Levi Morgenroth Hops and Spice Trader 1794 (L) 44,W,2S,4D
8 Henlein Levi Greiss Cut Goods 1798 (G) 52,W,1S,1D
9 Moses Levi Schreiber Hebrew Torah scriber 1797 (G) 47,W,3S,3D
10 Herz Samuel Frank Cattle Dealer 1802 (L) 39,W,6S,1D
11 Juda Samuel Frank Cattle 1799 (G) 43,W,3S
12 Simon Maier Lebrecht Goods Dealer 1796 (L) 53,W,4S,2D
13 Löw Samuel Frank Cattle Dealer 1805 (L) 30,W,1S,3D
14 Alexander Maier jünger Lebrecht Goods Dealer 1804 (L) 38,W,1S,1D
15 Alexander Maier älter Gutmann Middleman 1794 (G) 55,W,2S,3D
16 Moses Hirsch Friedsam Teacher, master watchmaker 1795 (L) 52,W,3S,3D
17 Mennlein Haium Haimann Goods Dealer 1806 (G) 45,W,1S,2D
18 Moses Maier Lebrecht ? Middleman 1804 (L) 50,W,1S Mosche Lebrecht, commercial man and widower, 82 years old, died on January 21, 1848. His wife, who predeased him, was named Esther. Both were the parents of Rabbi Mayer Lebrecht of Niederwerrn (1808-90) the Districtr Rabbi of Niederwerrn/Schweinfurt (1840-90).
19 Low Simon Friedmann Goods Dealer 1801 (L) 40,W,2S,3D  
20 Israel Lippmann Lippmann Goods Dealer 1790 (L) 56,W,3S,3D
21 Wolf Maier Klein Fruit Dealer 1798 (L) 51,W,4S,1D  
22 Simon Löser Korn Goods Dealer 1804 (G) 42,W,1S,3D
23 Moses Simon Hofmann Cut Trade 1805 (L) 25,W,1S,2D This age is probably too young: 35 years old?
24 Lithauer Lithauer Jewish Hebrew Teacher 1798 (L) Teacher  
25 Jacob Mayer Strauss Cattle Dealer 1814 (G) 25,W,1S  
26 Hirsch Lesar Korn Cattle Dealer 1810 (G) 36,W,1S,1D  
27 Wolf Schmay Worthainer Iron Trade (1776) (G) 68,W,3S.3D The first name he selected, Nordheimer, was rejected. – He could not find his charter, but he is protection-relation [the v. Greiffenk
28 Mayer Wolf Worthainer† Cattle Dealer 1803 (L) 37,W,5S,1D The first name he selected, Nordheimer, was rejected
29 Markus Schmay Worthainer Cloth Dealer 1808 (G) 32,W,1S,2D The first name he selected, Nordheimer, was rejected.
30 Schmay Wolf Worthainer Cloth Dealer 1814 (G) 27,W,child(ren) The first name he selected, Nordheimer, was rejected
31 Abraham Lippmann Lippmann Middleman (1790) (L) 58,W,2S
32 Isaak Mayer Lebrecht Day Laborer   42,W.2S,3D Pretended to have lost his protection letter, issued by the landlord of Lichtenstein but legitimized himself by a degree of the Königl. Appelat: Court. He is a direct protedted Jew.
33 Seligmann Abraham Eiermann Middleman 1780 (G) 64,W,3S,1D
34 Feivel Löw Röther Cattle Dealer 1792 (G) 60,W,1S,1D
35 Langstätter Langstätter Cattle Dealer 1804 (G) 43,W,3S,1D
36 Löw Mayer Fleischer Butcher 1803 (L) 41,W,2S,2D The Butcher Concession is from the Royal National Management CPU Würzburg p. Resc: ad May 11, 1812, No. 7517.
37 Marx Alexander Gütermann Cattle Dealer 1779 (G) 58,W,3S,3D
38 Moses Mayer Kohn Cattle Dealer (1796) (G)? 55,W,4S,1D Has no charter of protection, but only a certification dated January 76, 1796 from the office in Gereuth that states he has protection.
39 Maria Anna Widow Heider Servant 1793 (G) 55,1S,1D

Name adoption list of Memmelsdorf, 1817 - The following people received no register place

Published in: Rosenstock, Dirk: Die unterfränkischen Judenmatrikeln von 1817. Würzburg 2008, S. 110-111. Thanks to Leo Hoenig who transcribed and sent this list.
No. Old Name New Name Occupation Age, Family Remark
40 David Moses Adler Jew Cantor, Butcher 51,W,3S,3D
41 Edel Widow Kohn Servant 46,1D Has no charter
42 Isaaks Relicten Schönhof Messenger (31,29),1D (3) Could not find his charter