Name adoption list of Meckesheim, 1809

Quelle: GLA Karlsruhe, Best. 349, Nr. 41, thanks to Stefan Jamin who transcribed and sent this list.
No. Old familyname Old first name New familyname New first name Age Remark
1 Mayer Gumpel Loew Meckesheimer Gumpel Loew 57 years  
    Teiche Meckesheimer Teiche 54 years wife
2 Mayer Jantuf Meckesheimer Jantuf 45 years Cantor, brother of No. 1
    Brendel Meckesheimer Brendel 33 years wife
    Ester Meckesheimer Ester 14 years daughter
    Goetz Meckesheimer Goetz 12 years son
    Chaiche Meckesheimer Chaiche 8 years daughter
    Lea Meckesheimer Lea 6 years daughter
    Eva Meckesheimer Eva 5 years daughter
    Salomon Meckesheimer Salomon 4 years son
    Fromet Meckesheimer Fromet 2 years daughter
3 Moises Emanuel Bachert Emanuel 49 years  
    Kelacheia Bachert Kelacheia 33 years wife
    Süsel Bachert Süsel 12 1/2 years daughter
    Moses Liebmann Bachert Moses Liebmann 10 years son
    Goetz Bachert Goetz 7 years son
4 Joseph Nathan Eisenmann Nathan 48 years  
    Merohem Eisenmann Merohem 34 years wife
    Moses Eisenmann Moses 25 years son
    Marx Eisenmann Marx 19 years son
    Jantuf Eisenmann Jantuf 16 years son
    Beila Eisenmann Beila 12 years daughter
    Salomon Eisenmann Salomon 7 years son
5 Levi Isaac Neuberger Isaac 40 years  
    Lippet Neuberger Lippet 40 years wife
    Goetz Neuberger Goetz 13 years son
    Liebmann Neuberger Liebmann 9 years son
6 Goetz Machul Michel Machul 60 years  
    Hanna Michel Hanna 43 years wife
    Braeunle Michel Braeunle 25 years daughter
    Isaac Michel Isaac 17 years  
    Fratel Michel Fratel 16 years daughter