List of male Jews living in Gudensberg, 1812

HStAM Best. 76a, Nr. 28.
No. Place of residence Old name New name (1808) Date of birth Occupation Parents Remark
1 Gudensberg Isaac Nathan Emerich 22.5.1786 Soldier Nathan Nathan and Beile Katz, both deceased  
2 Gudensberg Jacob Nathan Emerich 14.4.1791 Dry goods Nathan Nathan and Beile Katz, both deceased  
3 Gudensberg Moses Emerich 24.10.1791   Nathan Nathan and Beile Katz, both deceased Brother of No. 2
4 Gudensberg Joseph Emerich 23.9.1799     Brother of No. 2
5 Gudensberg Leib Emerich 30.1.1802     Brother of No. 2
6 Gudensberg Michel Levie Elias Aug. 1745 Cattle trader and changer Manus Levie und Mergam Levie, both deceased  
7 Gudensberg Marcus Elias 18.5.1790     Son of No. 6
8 Gudensberg Kaufmann Elias 12.7.1791     Son of No. 6
9 Gudensberg Jacob Levie Elias 11.1.1787 Cattle trader Michel Levie Elias ans Ester Plaut  
10 Gudensberg Leib Elias 5.4.1811     Son of No. 9
11 Gudensberg Mauns Elias 1.11.1798   Kaufmann Levie Elias (deceased) and Regina Heinemann Stepson of No. 9
12 Gudensberg Joseph Plaut Goldschmidt 5.8.1783 Broker Isaac Mansbach Demant and Sara Mansbach  
13 Gudensberg Jeremias Goldschmidt 4.11.1810     Son of No. 12
14 Gudensberg Isaak Mansbach Demant 1744 Dawdler Leib Mansbach and Sprinz Gans, both deceased  
15 Gudensberg Eleasar Mansbach sen. Engelbert 10.9.1753 Broker Meyer Mansbach and Madel Levie, both deceased  
16 Gudensberg Herz Engelbert 2.9.1789     Son of No. 15
17 Gudensberg Leib Engelbert 6.2.1793     Son of No. 15
18 Gudensberg Michel Engelbert 22.2.1795     Son of No. 15
19 Gudensberg Joseph Engelbert 5.12.1796     Son of No. 15
20 Gudensberg Abraham Engelbert 16.3.1802     Son of No. 15
21 Gudensberg Meyer Engelbert 10.9.1806     Son of No. 15
22 Gudensberg Itzig Mansbach Engelbert 13.5.1784 Butcher and Cattle trader Eleasar Engelbert und Helne Kayser  
23 Gudensberg Heinemannn Mansbach Isenberg 10.2.1782 Cotton trader Daniel Mansbach (deceased) and Vogel Michel  
24 Gudensberg Moses Katz Adelar 4.11.1752 Cotton and cloth trader Jeremias Katz and Reisse Siemon, both deceased  
25 Gudensberg Aron Adelar 14.9.1784 Hussar   Son of No. 24
26 Gudensberg Baruch Adelar 22.3.1792     Son of No. 24
27 Gudensberg Itzig Katz Adelar 18.8.1782 Cotton trader Moses Katz Adelar and Buhle Aron (deceased)  
28 Gudensberg Joseph Kayser Kayser March 1781 Cattle trader Abraham Kayser and Ella Israel (deceased)  
29 Gudensberg Israel Kayser Kayser Jan. 1784 Cattle trader   Brother of No. 28
30 Gudensberg Abraham Kayser 1752 Without Joseph Kayser and Judel Salomon, both deceased Father of No. 28
31 Gudensberg Moses Levie Loewenstein 21.3.1766 Ellenwaren Leib Levie and Jüdel Siemon, both deceased  
32 Gudensberg Leib Loewenstein 10.10.1811     Son of No. 31
33 Gudensberg Feist Feibus Danberg 1767 Ellenwaren Moses Feibus and Händel Itzig, both deceased  
34 Gudensberg Joseph Emanuel Oswald 28.3.1767 Peddler Herz Emanuel and Reichel, both deceased  
35 Gudensberg Abraham Mansbach jun. Erich 8.5.1757 Broker, poor Jacob Mansbach and Berle Levie, both deceased  
36 Gudensberg Jacob Erich 15.5.1810     Son of No. 35
37 Gudensberg Eleasar Mansbach jun. Erich 11.2.1773 Cotton trader Jacob Mansbach and Berle Levie, both deceased  
38 Gudensberg Joseph Mansbach Erich 28.2.1768 Ellenwaren Jacob Mansbach and Berle Levie, both deceased  
39 Gudensberg Selig Heinemann Rosenhaupt Junue 1778 Cantor and teacher Seelig Jacob and Röschen Heinemann, both deceased  
40 Gudensberg Joseph Rosenhaupt 9.1.1806     Son of No. 39
41 Gudensberg Jonas Rosenhaupt 22.5.1810     Son of No. 39
42 Gudensberg Hahne Mansbach Heilbrunn 15.9.1732 Without, poor Herz Mansbach and Felze Hahn, both deceased  
43 Gudensberg Abraham Mansbach sen. Heilbrunn 15.4.1746 Cattle trader Herz Mansbach and Felze Hahn, both deceased  
44 Gudensberg Abraham Heilbrunn 16.5.1792     Illegitimate son
45 Gudensberg Michel Levie Lilienfeld 10.9.1782 Cattle trader Meyer Levie (deceased) and Rachel Cantor  
46 Gudensberg Meyer Lilienfeld 12.1.1812     Son of No. 45
47 Gudensberg Kaufmann Levie Lilienfeld 10.2.1784 Cattle trader Meyer Levie (deceased) and Rachel Cantor  
48 Gudensberg Leib Mansbach Engelbert 9.2.1761 Peddler Meyer Mansbach and Madel Levie, both deceased  
49 Gudensberg Süssmann Mansbach Engelbert 14.8.1775 Tobacco trader Meyer Mansbach and Madel Levie, both deceased  
50 Gudensberg Joseph Mansbach Engelbert 10.8.1769 Tobacco trader Meyer Mansbach and Madel Levie, both deceased  
51 Gudensberg David Mansbach Isenberg 1784 Works with his brother Daniel Mansbach (deceased) and Vogel Michel  
52 Gudensberg Liebmann Plaut Grünstein June 1783 Trading with coffee and tobacco Meyer Plaut (deceased) and Sara Gans  
1 Obervorschütz Süssmann Israel Fleursheim 1784 Cattle trader Israel Heinemann and Mindel Heinemann, both deceased  
2 Obervorschütz Moses Poley Marxson 25.12.1777 Peddler Marcus Poley (deceased) and Edel Kugelmann  
3 Obervorschütz Marcus Marxson 1.3.1811     Son of Oberv. 2
4 Obervorschütz Marcus Plaut Loewenstein 5.10.1775 Lottery collector Melech Plaut (deceased) and Elke Levie  
5 Obervorschütz Melech Loewenstein 10.3.1809     Son of Oberv. 4
6 Obervorschütz Abraham Loewenstein 5.9.1810     Son of Oberv. 4
7 Obervorschütz Siemon Jonas Gleisner March 1757 Cantor Jesaias Jonas and Jüdchen Levie, both deceased  
8 Obervorschütz Jesaias Gleisner 1790     Son of Oberv. 7
9 Obervorschütz Daniel Gleisner 1793     Son of Oberv. 7
10 Obervorschütz Jonas Gleisner Jan. 1795     Son of Oberv. 7
11 Obervorschütz Isaac Gleisner Oct. 1799     Son of Oberv. 7
12 Obervorschütz Süssmann Plaut Koenig May 1768 Peddler Melech Plaut (deceased) and Elke Levie  
13 Obervorschütz Melech Koenig 16.10.1810     Son of Oberv. 12
14 Obervorschütz Joseph Poley Goldschmidt 4.9.1766 Without Melech Poley and Sara, both deceased  
15 Obervorschütz Nathan Levie Elias Aug. 1782 Cattle trader Leib Levie Elias and Merle Nathan (deceased)  
16 Obervorschütz Juda Poley Marxson 9.9.1785 Haberdasher Marcus Poley (deceased) and Edel Kugelmann  
17 Obervorschütz Herz Mansbach Loewenson 1770 Without Leib Mansbach and Elle Plaut, both deceased  
18 Obervorschütz Melech Loewenson 25.8.1809     Son of Oberv. 17
19 Obervorschütz Leib Levie Elias 19.1.1735 Capitalist Manus Levie and Mergel Leib, both deceased  
20 Obervorschütz Siemon Mansbach Engelbert 24.7.1788 Peddler Eleasar Mansbach and Helbe Kayser  
21 Obervorschütz Süssmann Rosenhein 15.11.1798     Bother of Oberv. 20
1 Dorle Meyer Salomon Loewenson Dec. 1785 Cattle trader Leib Salomon (deceased) and Jüdel Levie  
2 Dorle Abraham Salomon Loewenson Febr. 1781 Ellenwaren Leib Salomon (deceased) and Jüdel Levie  
1 Maden Daniel Mansbach Braun Dec. 1783 Cattle trader Isaac Mansbach jun. (deceased) and Gente Kugelmann  
2 Maden Ephraim Mansbach Dillon 22.4.1765 Dawdler Isaac Mansbach and Schoene Mansbach, both deceased  
3 Maden Marcus Mansbach Nagel Aug. 1769 Ellenwaren Abraham Mansbach and Merle Meyer, both deceased  
4 Maden Juda Mansbach Adler 2.5.1762 Dawdler Isaac Mansbach sen. and Frommet Mansbach, both deceased  
5 Maden Daniel Adler 30.1.1797     Son of Maden 4
6 Maden Isaac Adler 9.4.1800     Son of Maden 4
7 Maden Elias Adler 22.8.1802     Son of Maden 4
8 Maden Leib Mansbach Goldschmidt Dec. 1755 Without Isaac Mansbach sen. and Schoene Mansbach, both deceased  
9 Maden Eleasar Mansbach Ehrich 9.3.1770 Peddler Abraham Mansbach and Merle Meyer, both deceased  
10 Maden Isaac Erich 7.4.1799     Son of Maden 9
11 Maden Marum Erich 1.12.1802     Son of Maden 9
12 Maden Abraham Erich 12.1.1809     Son of Maden 9