Name adoption list of Gondorf, 1808

Thanks to Leo Hoenig who sent this list.
No.Old name New nameDate/Place of birthRemarks
1Mayer SalomonSalomon MayerLives in Gondorf 
2Maria[Maria] Mayer17 years old, GondorfDaughter of Salomon Mayer and his [first] wife Othilie
3Kenal AnshellCaroline MayerLives in Gondorf[Second] Wife of 1
4Sara MayerSara Mayer3 Thermidor XI (July 21, 1803) GondorfDaughter
5Rachael MayerRachael Mayer13 Brumaire XII (November 3, 1804) GondorfDaughter
6Anne MaÿerAnne MayerSeptember 1, 1806, GondorfDaughter
7Loeb MoysesMoyses Loevenharz5 years old, born in Gülbern near Maastricht [the Netherlands], son of Salomon Mayer's younger brotherPupil of 1