Name adoption list of Gondorf, 1808

Thanks to Leo Hoenig who sent this list.
No. Old name New name Date/Place of birth Remarks
1 Mayer Salomon Salomon Mayer Lives in Gondorf  
2 Maria [Maria] Mayer 17 years old, Gondorf Daughter of Salomon Mayer and his [first] wife Othilie
3 Kenal Anshell Caroline Mayer Lives in Gondorf [Second] Wife of 1
4 Sara Mayer Sara Mayer 3 Thermidor XI (July 21, 1803) Gondorf Daughter
5 Rachael Mayer Rachael Mayer 13 Brumaire XII (November 3, 1804) Gondorf Daughter
6 Anne Maÿer Anne Mayer September 1, 1806, Gondorf Daughter
7 Loeb Moyses Moyses Loevenharz 5 years old, born in Gülbern near Maastricht [the Netherlands], son of Salomon Mayer's younger brother Pupil of 1