Name adoption list of Göcklingen, 1808

Quelle: LA Speyer, U57, Nr. 7. Thanks to Stefan Jamin who transcribed and sent this list.
Old name Old first name New familyname New first name Remark
Nathan Lazarus Bluhm Lazarus  
    Bluhm Clara wife of Lazarus Bluhm
    Bluhm Wilhelmine daughter of Lazarus Bluhm
    Bluhm Rechel daughter of Lazarus Bluhm
    Bluhm Seln(?) son of Lazarus Bluhm
Isack Jacob Emsheimer Jacob  
    Emsheimer Benedick wife of Jacob Emsheimer
    Emsheimer Hanri son of Jacob Emsheimer
    Emsheimer Gabriel son of Jacob Emsheimer
    Emsheimer Samuel(?) son of Jacob Emsheimer
    Emsheimer Imanuel son of Jacob Emsheimer
    Emsheimer Abraham son of Jacob Emsheimer
    Emsheimer Nannett daughter of Jacob Emsheimer
Jacob Isack Emsheimer Isack  
    Emsheimer Eva wife of Isack Emsheimer
Dreyfuß Hary Dreyfuß Hary  
Dreyfuß Ester Dreyfuß Ester wife of Hary Dreyfuß
  Nannel Dreyfuß Schannet daughter of Hary Dreyfuß
  Fail Dreyfuß Carlein daughter of Hary Dreyfuß
  Simchel Dreyfuß Rechina daughter of Hary Dreyfuß
Gabriel Mosses Siegel Mosses  
  Rechel Siegel Resina wife of Mosses Siegel
    Siegel Carlinna daughter of Mosses Siegel
    Siegel Gabriel son of Mosses Siegel
  Jacob Siegel Jacob son of Mosses Siegel
Mosses Fridel Siegel Margrätha  
Gabriel Judel Siegel Gabriel  
Abraham Löb Trum Luy  
Israel Veil Trum Philybina wife of Luy Trum
  Güdel Trum Catharina daughter of Luy Trum
  Ester Trum Margrätha daughter of Luy Trum
  Rössel Trum Rosina daughter of Luy Trum
  Jacob Trum Jacob son of Luy Trum
  Schimme Trum Simmon  
Abraham Geüdel Stiffel Catharina widow
  Josäph Stiffel Josäph son of Catharina Stiffel
  Mosses Stiffel Mosses son of Catharina Stiffel
Jacob Israel Emsheimer Israel  
Schimme Hindel Emsheimer Jacobina  
Israel Breinel Emsheimer Elisabetha  
Simmon Gerson Roß Simmon  
Elias Hanna Roß Hanna