Name adoption list of Eschbach, Kanton Landau, 1808

Quelle:Landesarchiv Speyer H 61 Nr. 243, thanks to Stefan Jamin who sent the list.
Old familyname Old name  Familyname First name new Date of birth Place of birth Remark
Jacob Elias Schoenberg Philippe      
  Seligmann Schoenberg Georges 29. Ventose V Eschbach Son of Elias Jacob
  Esther Schoenberg Caroline 1787, Jan. 28 Lehnbach (Canton Wissembourg) Daughter of Elias Jacob
Elias Jacob Schoenberg Jacques      
Elias Nennthel Schoenberg Antoinette   Eschbach Daughter of Elias Jacob
Seligmann Jüdel Schoenberg Philippine