Name adoption list of Edesheim, 1808

Quelle: Standesamt Edesheim. Thanks to Stefan Jamin who transcribed and sent this list.
No. Old familyname Old first name New familyname New first name Age Remark
1 Machol Abraham Machol Abraham    
    Fradel   Fréderique   wife of Abraham Machol
    Giedel   Emilie 4 years daughter of Abraham Machol
    Machol   Guillaime 6 Monate son of Abraham Machol
2 Machol Samon Michael Salomon    
  Salomon Merlé   Fréderique   wife of Salomon Michael
    Seligmann   Samuel   son of Salomon Michael
    Sorle   Sara   daughter of Salomon Michael
    Jentel   Jeannette   daughter of Salomon Michael
    Treinle   Catherine   daughter of Salomon Michael
    Feigel   Regine   daughter of Salomon Michael
3 Samson Jacob Michael Jacques    
    Ester   Leonore   wife of Jacques Michael
    Doved   David   Son of Jacques Michael
  Liebmann Rosel   Rosine   stepdaughter
4 Samson Suiskind Michael Alexandre    
  Jacob Mündel   Regine   wife of Alexandre Michael
    Jekoff   Jacques   son of Alexandre Michael
5 Wolf Giedel   Emilie   née Michael, widow of Salomon Wolf
  Wolf Salomon Wolf Salomon   son of Emilie (Wolf)
6 Jusche Machol Mentel Michel    
  Jacob Fradchen   Rosine   wife of Michel Mentel
    Mentel   Simon   son of Michel Mentel
7 Jacob Nathan Mayer Simon    
  Latzar Jentle   Catherine   wife of Simon Mayer
    Jacob   Joseph   son of Simon Mayer
8 Levi Moyses Gottlieb Moyses   worker of Abraham Machol
9 Isack Jakof Kauffmann Jacques   son of Michel Mentel