Name adoption list of Durlach, 1809

Transcribed from the LBI B. Rosenthalcollection
No.Old nameFamily memberNew nameAge/date of birthRemark
1Samuel Simon S. Wingart10. I. 1759Trading with glass in order of the glass factory in Karlsruhe, residing in the Netherlands, not protected, fortune about 1200 fl. including a heritage in the Netherlands.
  Rosina 4. I. 1771 
  Emanuel 28. IV. 1798 
  Fradel 3. VI. 1792 
  Bräunle 9. IV. 1793 
  Händel 17. VI. 1802 
2Gedalia Faber G. Sievert21. I. 1779Trading in old stuff, fortune about 300 fl., unmarried
3Ricke  4. IV. 1793Nice of No. 2
4Hanna  3. III. 1775Sister of No. 2
  Lea 12 yearsIllegitimate daughter of 4
5Abbraham Mos. Königsbacher Steinhäuser9. X. 1752Nothändler
6Kindel Königsbacher  43 yearsUnmarried sister of No. 5
7Süssel Königsbacher  36 yearsUnmarried sister of No. 5