Name adoption list of Donaueschingen, 1809

Quelle: GLA Karlsruhe, Best. 239, Nr. 447. Thanks to Stefan Jamin who transcribed and sent this list.
Old familynameOld given nameNew familynameGiven nameAgeRemark 
RothschildHirsch SamuelRothschildHirsch Samuel60son of the deceased Samuel Rothschild in Mahrmgen(??) 
HirschFranziskaRothschildFranziska30married to Wolf Judas in Ludwigsburg 
HirschJosephRothschildJoseph25married in Rothweil 
HirschSamuelRothschildSamuel22living in his fathers house 
HirschNanetteRothschildNanette21living in her fathers house 
HirschKuselRothschildKusel18living in his fathers house